This site is mainly for Sims creations that I create myself of homes that I or my Simmer friends build for our Sims to live in as well as some other creations like paintings or simple but safe CC, I don’t mess to much with my game files b/c my game is more important that having something new. I don’t use CC in my game unless I create it myself but all my homes and that of my friends are CC.
I also sometimes write reviews about Sim games or content that may go into The Sims 3 from The Sims 3 store. This site is not a news site. Top News Links will be posted soon. Please check out the article section of this site for Jacqpinks adventures with The Sims 3. I have had some wonderful times with this game and am still loving playing even after 10 years.
Candy Lane is my newest Build, inspired by the newly released Katy Perry Sweet Treats click the image to take you to my forums were you can find more about this beautiful home.
I am always looking forward to what The Sims 3 come up with and am excited and can’t wait till SuperNatural is released later this year. I love making different things with this game and love to share if you have a house in mind or a floor plan that you would like built just click on one of the contact links to the right of this page.
Take a look at my wallpapers I also take requests for them especially the SuperNatural ones as I am loving the different things we can do with them. I love to play around in Photoshop.

Keep and eye out for new articles :)

Great News!!!

Jacqpinks is at the airport on her way to Sydney to met SimGuruGraham and au Guru Pidgeo, for a Sims 3 pets event, will share more as I can but am sure and will share as much as I am allowed when I am allowed. I am super duper excited.
I also will be updating the site soon, RL has been keeping me busy but will be certainly be working on a few changes and hope that you will like the new changes.
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